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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fans have been asking me about book two. It's finished; however, the editing and publishing phase can take quite some time. I hope to have it finished shortly after I return from my visit to Cherryville, OR (the location of Aunt Emma's farm), in April 2013. Here's a little teaser from "Return of the Caretakers"....

Tom’s hand slipped from mine.  Simultaneously, the light from my lantern flashed, and then died.
I could feel the quiver in my voice.  Blackness enveloped me, ripping my thoughts from the harmless place I had been just minutes prior.
“Tom! Tom, where are you?”
 I groped the vacant cavern floor in front of me, first slowly, and then with urgency.  Pulling in a long breath, I closed my eyes to try and gather my thoughts.  Something had gone terribly wrong.
My voice fell to a whisper.  “Tom, can you hear me?”